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Play Time and Examination of Play Intervention Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Lantz, Johanna Indiana Resource Center for Autism EI 34 Article Play, Early Intervention, Floor Time, Integration
Play-Based Interventions for Children and Adolescents with ASD Loretta Gallo-Lopez, Lawrence C. Rubin Routledge Danvers, ASC Library Book
Playground Politics Greenspan, Stanley I. Perseus Books; (1993) Lending Library; Danvers Book School, Emotional, Child Care
Pocket Field Guide to Homeschooling None Home Education Magazine Resource Drawer - Education Folder Information Packet Education, School, Resources
Point of View Facilitated Communication in New Hampshire None Institute on Disability/UAP Vol. 1, No. 1 Winter 1993 FC 40 Article Assistive Technology, Facilitated Communication
Portraits of Three Adolescent Students with Aspergers Syndrome Personal Stories and How They Can Inform Practice Marks, Susan Unok JASH, Vol. 25, No, 1; (2000) AS 30 Article Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, Personal Account
Positive Approach to Autism Waterhouse, Stella Jessica Kingsley Publishers; (2000) Lending Library; Danvers Book ADHD, Treatment, Syndromes
Positive Behavioral Support Turnbull, A.; Turnbull, H.; Horner, R. None Reference-Misc RefMat Behavior
Positive Behavioral Support as a Means to Enhance Successful Inclusion for Persons with Challenging Behavior Getting a Life None Positive Behavioral Interventions and Technical Assistance Ctr, University of Oregon BHM 65 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Inclusion, Functional Assessment
Positive Behavioral Support in the Classroom Principles and Practices Jackson, Lewis; Panyan, Marion Veeneman Paul H. Brookes Publishing; (2002) Lending Library; Danvers Book Behavior, Classroom, Education
Positive Behavioral Support Including People With Difficult Behavior in the Koegel, L.; Koegel, R.; Dunlap, G. Paul H. Brookes; 1995 ISBN: Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Behavior, Inclusion
Positive Behavioral Support With Families Lucyshyn, Joseph M.; Horner, Robert H.; Ben, Kathy R. TASH Newsletter; 07-96 BHM 33 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Family
Positive Effect of Parents of Autisitc Children: A Comparison... Schreibman, L., Kaneko, W. & Koegel, R. Behavior Therapy, 22, 479-490 PAR 43 Article Parenting, Treatment, Parent
Positive Programming Donnellan, Anne M.; LaVigna, G.; Negre-Shoultz, N. et. al. Chapter 1 of 'Progress without Punishment: Effective Approaches for L earners with Behavior Problems' BHM 21 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Intervention, Assessment
Positive Strategies to Support Behavior Change: Anger Control Training Work Crimmins, Daniel B., Ph.D. None BHM 05 Article Behavior, Behavior Management
Positive Strategies to Support Behavior Change: Training Summary Crimmins, Daniel B., Ph.D. Westchester Institute for Human Development/UAP 8/92 BHM 06 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Intervention
Possible Immunogenetic Basis for Autism Burger, Roger; Warren, Reed P. Wiley-Liss, Inc.; (1998) NEURO 51 Article Research, Genetics
Potential Needs Of School Aged Children With Fragile-X-Syndrome Spiridigliozzi, Gail A. -1990 SYN 07 Article Syndromes, Fragile X Syndrome
Potty Train Your Child in One Day McGraw, Phil Dr. (05/2003) ADL 25 Article ADL, Toileting
Power Cards Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome and Autism Gagnon, Elisa Autism Asperger Publishing Approaches Book
Power of the Arts Creative Strategies for Teaching Exceptional Learners Smith, Sally L. Paul H. Brookes Publishing; (2001) Lending Library; Danvers Book Education, Parent, Learning Disability, Recreation, Teaching
Powerful Partnerships Parents and Professionals Building Inclusive Recreation Schleien, S. Minneapolis Institute on Community Integration; 1995 ISBN: Lending Library; Danvers Book Recreation, Inclusion
Practical Allergy Research Foundation None None Resource Drawer - Treatment Folder - Miscellaneous Factsheet Behavior, Research, Treatment, Learning Disability, Allergies, Emotional, Environment
Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges for Children with Asperger Syndrome Myles, Haley Morgan Autism Asperger Publishing; (2002) Lending Library; Danvers Book ADL, Asperger Syndrome, Social, Emotional
Practical Suggestions for Teaching Autism Burnette, Karen CEC Today, Vol. 5, No. 8; (02/26/02) CLASS 31 Article Education, Teaching, Instruction
Practical Tips for Mothers Weiss, Elizabeth Appendix A of 'Mothers Talk about Learning Disabilities: Personal Feel ings, Practical Advice' Prentice Hall Press LD 06 Article Parent, Learning Disabilities
Practical Treatment with Pulse Dose Corticosteriods in Pervasive Developmental Delay or Autistic Patients with Abnormal Epileptiform Sleep EEG and Language Delay Chez, M; Buchanan, C.; Loeffel, M.; et al Monduzzi Editore, S.p.A. - Bologna (Italy); (1998) SYN 48 Article Syndromes, Epilepsy, Landau-Kleffner
Practice Parameters Screening and Diagnosis of Autism Filipek, P.A.; Accardo, P.J.; Ashwal, S.; Neurology 55; (August 2000) DIAG 29 Article Neurological
Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Guide for Families and Others Angulo, Moris A. Prader-Willi Perspectives SYN 39 Article Syndromes
Pragmatic Impairments in Adults with Childhood Diagnosis of Autism or Devel Martin, Eales J. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, Vol 23, No. 4; 1993 COMM 51 Article Communication, Adult
Pragmatic Language Tips American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ASHA COMM 54 Article Communication, Language
Pragmatics, socially speaking Dana group associates Let's talk #15 COMM 53 Article Communication, Social
Predicting and Explaning Behavior: A Comparison of Autistic Mentally retard Tager-Flusberg, H. Scllivanik Pergamom TOM 07 Article Behavior, PDD, Mental Retardation, Theory-of-Mind
Preliminary Report of the Autism Working Group to the National Institutes o Bristol, Marie NICHD/CRMC/MRDD Reference-Misc RefMat Reference, Conference Proceedings
Prenatal and Perinatal Factors in the Etiology of Autism Nelson, K. Supplement RSCH 30 Article Research, Genetics
Preparing for Life, The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Dr. Jed Baker Book Transition Strategies, Educational Plans
Preparing for Your Childs Assessment; A Guide for the Pre-School Parent Davis, Sharon & Hathaway, Donna The Exceptional Parent, May 1987 PAR 35 Article Parent, Assessment, Preschool
Preparing Students with Disabiliites for College Success, A Practical Guide to Transition Planning Stan Shaw, Joseph Madaus, Lyman Dukes Brookes Publishing Book Behavior, Social, Transition, Advocacy
Preparing Students With Disabilities for College Success Stan Shaw ASC Library, Danvers Book
Preparing Students with Disabilities for College Success, A Practical Guide to Transition Planning Stan Shaw Paul H Brookes ASC Library, Danvers Book
Preschool Children With Inadequate Communication Developmental Language Dis Rapin, Isabelle MacKeith Press; 1996 ISBN: 1-898683 07 7 Lending Library; Danvers Book Communication, Language, Preschool
Preschool Classroom Environments that Promote Communication Ostrosky, Michaelene M., & Kaiser, Ann P. Teaching Exceptional Children Summer 1991 COMM 26 Article Communication, Classroom, Intervention, Preschool, Environment
Preschool Education Programs for Children With Autism (Right from the Start) Harris, Sandra L.; Handleman, Jan S. Pro.Ed (1994); ISBN: 0-89079-587-8 Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Education, Curriculum, Preschool
Preschool Issues In Autism Schopler, Eric; Mesibov, Gary Plenum Press; 1993 ISBN: Lending Library; Danvers Book Services, Young Children, Preschool
Prescription for Fear Bernaert, Charles None Resource Drawer - Vaccinations Information Folder - Miscellaneous Article Resources, Vaccines
Presumptive Disability Categories None None Resource Drawer - Healthcare Benefits Folder - SSI Miscellaneous Factsheet SSI
Pretending And Believing Issues In The Theory Of ToMM Leslie, Alan M. Rutgers University TOM 13 Article Theory-of-Mind
Pretending to be Normal Living With Aspergers Syndrome Willey, Liane Holliday Jessica Kingsley; (1999) Lending Library; Danvers Book Asperger Syndrome, Personal Account
Prevalence of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Estimates from the 1994 199 National Health Interview Survey Disability Supplements Larson, Sheryl A.; Lakin, K. Charlie; Anderson, Lynda et al American Journal on Mental Retardation, Vol. 106, No. 3; (2001) RSCH 05 Article Research, Mental Retardation, Prevalence
Preventing Behavior Problems A Problem Solved Approach to Restructuring Cla Gothelf, Carole R.; Mercer, Caren A. None BHM 34 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Inclusion
Preventing Dental Diseases in Children with Disabilities None Johnson & Johnson Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources Folder - Dental Miscellaneous Information Packet Dental
Preventing Special Education...for those who don't need it Lieberman, Laurence M. GloWorm Publications, Newton, MA 1984 IN 30 Article Inclusion, Curriculum
Prevention and Management of Behavior Problems the TEACCH Approach Schopler, Eric Behavior and Cognitive Therapy Today Essays in Honour of Hans Eysenck; (1998) TRT 14 Article Behavior, Treatment, Intervention
Principles of Communication Enhancement Stern, Abby None COMM 70 Article Communication, Intervention
Prisoners of Silence None None Video 029 Lending Library; Danvers Video Facilitated Communication
Pro Ed Studies in Communicative Disorders None Pro.Ed; 1986 Reference-Journal Article Communication
Pro.Ed Series (1982) None Pro.Ed 1982 Reference-Misc RefMat Reference
Probable Etiology and Possible treatment of Childhood Autism Reichelt, Karl L.; Knivsberg, A.; Lind, G.; et al. Brain Dysfunction 1991;4:308-319 DIAG 36 Article Treatment
Proceedings of the Forum on the Education of Children With Attention Defici None None Reference-Conference RefMat ADD, Education, Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the Forum on the Education of Children With Attention Defici None None Reference-Misc RefMat Reference, Conference Proceedings
Prodigies Sacks, Oliver The New Yorker, January 9, 1995 PA 16 Article Personal Account
Production Methods (RA-38) Davis, Michael; Fargher, John Ellsworth Community College; (1982) Reference-Misc RefMat Employment, Reference, Work
Production Supervision (RA-39) Davis, Michael; Fargher, John Ellsworth Community College; (1982) Reference-Misc RefMat Behavior, Employment, Reference, Vocation, Work
Profiles Of Success, Successful Adults Achieving w/ LD Silver, Larry B., M.D. LDAM None Video Employment
Program Quality Assurance Services Sample Web Pages and Complaint Management System Information Guide None Mass DOE; (02/2003) Reference-Misc RefMat Education, Information, Special Education, IDEA, Reference
Programming Generalizations of In-Class Transition Skills: Teaching Pr esch Connell, M., Carta, J. & Baer, D. Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis 26 CLASS 27 Article Classroom, Education, Curriculum
Project Access None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources Folder List Education, Resources
Project CHILLD None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources Folder Information Packet Communication, Classroom, Treatment, Language, Inclusion, Sensory Integration, Occupational Therapy, Neurological
Project CRAFT Culturally Responsive and Family Focused Training Chen, Deborah; Brekken, Linda; Chan, Sam Paul H. Brookes; 1997 ISBN: 1-55766-300-9 Kit 011; Lending Library Kit Communication, Language, Early Intervention
Project Lifesaver International None None Resource Drawer - Assistive Technology Folder - Miscellaneous Factsheet Assistive Technology
Project Respite Care None None Resource Drawer - Parent Family Folder Brochure ADL, Research, Parent, Recreation, Family Support, Respite
Promising addition to autism treatment. Bower, B. Science News, March 14, 1992 v141 n11 p164(1) MED 01 Article Research, Medication
Promoting Educational Equality for All Students: Circles and Maps Forest, Marsha; Lusthaus, Evelyn Paul H. Brookes IN 62 Article Education, Inclusion, Future Planning
Promoting employment opportunities Martine Gold, William Kiernan, et al The institute brief VOC 17 Article Employment, Vocational
Promoting Independence in Integrated Classrooms by Teaching Aides to U Use Hall, Laura; McClannahan, Lynn; Krantz, Patricia Education and Training in Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilit ies 09-95 CLASS 17 Article Classroom, Inclusion, Pictures
Promoting Peer Interaction in Autistic Adolescents & Adults Lord, Catherine None Audio 064 Lending Library; Danvers Audio Social, Adolescence
Promoting Social Success Gary N. Siperstein Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. Social Skills Booklet ASC Library
Providing services to children with autism (ages 0 - 2 years) and their fam Prizant, Barry M.; Wetherby, Amy M. Top Language Disorders/Aspen Publishers, Inc. AR EI 16 Article Communication, Early Intervention, Assessment
Provision of Leisure Activities for the Reduction of Challenging Behav ior Sigafoos, Jeff; Kerr, Michelle Behavioral Interventions, Vol. 9, No. 1, 43-53 (1994) BHM 27 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Intervention, Recreation, Leisure
Prozac Early results encouraging, but is it safe? Rimland, Bernard, Ed. Autism Research Review International Vol. 5, No. 4, 1991 MED 05 Article Medication
Psychiatric Disorders In Childhood Use of Pharmacotherapy Spencer, Thomas J. Harvard Medical School MH 24 Article Mental Health
Psychiatric Disorders in the Parents of Autistic Individuals Piven, J., Chase, G., Land, R., et al. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry NEURO 03 Article Genetics, Neurobiological, Depression, Neurological, Down Syndrome
Psychological Evaluation of Children with Multiple Handicaps: A Guide for Parents Levy, Stine Indiana Resource Center for Autism, Indiana University 1983 DIAG 11 Article Assessment
Psychopharmacology Campbell, Magda, Anderson, Lowell T., Green, Wayne H. & Stutsch Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Chapter 36 MED 06 Article Medication, Treatment
Psychopharmacology in Autism Tsai, Luke Psychosomatic Medicine; (1999) MED 56 Article Medication, Treatment
Put Reading First the Research Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read None National Reading Panel; (09/2001) Reference - Misc RefMat Classroom, Reading
Putting Real Life Skills Into IEP/IFSP's For Infants And Young Children Notari-Syverson, Angela R.; Shuster, Sara Lerner Teaching Exceptional Children (Winter 1995) ED 27 Article Education, Early Intervention, IEP
Puzzle of Lifestyle Planning Kalina, Nancy Indiana Resource Center for Autism; (04/21/01) TRAN 56 Article Transition, Future Planning
Pyramid Approach to Education in Autism Bondy, Andy S.; Azaroff, Beth Sulzer Pyramid Educational Products, Inc.; Lending Library; Danvers Book Education, Teaching
Quality Enhancement in Developmental Disabilities Bradley, Valerie J.; Kimmich, Madeleine H. Paul H. Brookes Publishing; (2003) Lending Library; Danvers Book Resources, Developmental Disabilities, Services, Self-Determination, Medicaid
Quality indicators of exemplary transition progrms Morningstar, M.E. None TRAN 21 Article Transition
Question and Answer Guide on Special Education Extended School Year Progress Dept of Education (05/28/03) ED 22 Article Education, IEP
Questions about Facilitated Communication and Autism Prior, Margot; Cummins, Robert Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. 22, No. 3, 1992 FC 23 Article Research, Facilitated Communication
Questions Often Asked About Special Education Services National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities National Information Center for Children & Youth With Disabilities 1993 ED 20 Article Parent, Special Education, Early Intervention, IEP
Questions to Ask of the Person Proposing to Treat Your Child with Secretin Kallen, Ronald J. Internet; (02/26/99) TRT 41 Article Treatment, Secretin
Quirky Kids Klass, Perri, MD; Costello, Eileen, MD Ballantine Press; (2003) Lending Library; Danvers Book Asperger Syndrome, PDD, Learning Disability, Sensory Integration, Bullying
Radiance Descending Paula Fox ASC Library Book
Rainman None None Video 001 Lending Library; Danvers Video Family, Personal Account
Raising A Child with Autism Richman, Shira Jessica Kingsley Publishers; (2001) Lending Library; Danvers Book Communication, ABA, Toileting, Siblings
Raising a Child with Autism Richman, Shira Jessica Kingsley Autism Book
Raising Blaze Bringing Up an Extraordinary Son in an Ordinary World Ginsberg, Debra Perennial; (2002) Lending Library; Danvers Book Personal Account, Parent Account
Raising your Special Child's Self-Esteem Murphy, Linda; DellaCorte, Suzanne Special Parent Special Child Vol. 4, No. 2 March/April 1988 PAR 19 Article Social, Self-Esteem, Parent, Assessment
Randomized Trial of Intensive Early Intervention for Children with PDD Smith, Tristram; Groen, Annette; Wynn, Jacqueline American Journal on Mental Retardation, Vol. 105, No. 4; (2000) EI 24 Article Research, Treatment, Intervention
Reaching Out Joining In Teaching Social Skills to Young Children with Autism Weiss, Mary Jane; Harris, Sandra Woodbine House; (2001) Lending Library; Danvers Book Behavior, Social, Classroom, Education
Reaching the Autistic Child A Parent Training Program Kozloff, Martin A. Brookline Book (1993); ISBN: 0-914797-02-6 Lending Library; Danvers Book Behavior, Parent Guide, Social, Environment
Reader Response Whos Dreaming A General Education Perspective on Inclus Rankin, Diane; Hallick, Ann; Ban,Susan et al. The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps IN 59 Article Education, Inclusion
Reading and Learning Disabilities: A Resource Guide None NICHY, April 1992 LD 20 Article Adult, Parent, Reading, Learning Disabilities, Resources
Reading by the Colors Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Irlen, Helen Avery Publishing Group, Inc. (1991); ISBN 0-89529-482-6 Lending Library; Danvers Book Education, Dyslexia, Reading, Disabilities
Reading Too Soon Miller, Susan Martins Center for Speech and Language Disorders; 1993 ISBN: 0-9637921-0-5 Lending Library; Danvers (2) Book Parent Guide, Education, Reading, Hyperlexia
Ready to Use Lessons for Teachers, Autism & Reading Comprehension Joseph Porter Book Reading
Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, A Parent’s Guide to Student Success Ann Palmer Book Transition, Personal Account
Recent Advances in the Pharmacotherapy of Autism and Related Condition s McDougle, C., Pierce, L.& Volkmar, F. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 1994, 3, 71 -89 MED 31 Article Research, Medication, Treatment
Receptor Inhibition by Immunoglobulin: Specific Inhibition by Autistic Inhi Cook, Edwin, Bruce Perry, Glyn Davison Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders Vol 23 #1 1993 NEURO 20 Article Research, Neurobiological
Recognition and Treatment of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Pavuluri, Mani N., MD; Naylor, Michael W, MD; Janicak, Philip G., MD Contemporary Psychiatry; (April 2002) MH 42 Article Bipolar Disorder, Mental Health
Recognizing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Clients with Developmenta l Di Gedye, A., Ph.D. Habilitative Mental Healthcare Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 11, November 1992 SYN 04 Article OCD
Reconsidering the Diagnosis and Treatment of Very Young Children with Autis Greenspan, Stanley I., MD Zero to Three, Volume 13, No. 2, October/November 1992 DIAG 27 Article Intervention, Early Intervention, Assessment, Floor Time
Record Book for Individuals with Autism Dalrymple, N., Purdue, B. Indiana Resource Center for Autism ED 32 Article Parent Guide, Education
Reducing Aggression In Children With Autism Toward Infant Or Toddler Siblin Koegel, Lynn Kern; Stiebel, Dara; Koegel, Rogert L. JASH Vol. 23, No. 2, p. 11178 (1998) BHM 39 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Siblings, Parent, Early Intervention
Reducing and Eliminating Behavior (RA-9) Jensen, Mary; Trace, Michael Ellsworth Community College; (1982) Reference-Misc RefMat Behavior, Reference, Punishment, Overcorrection
Reflections From A Different Journey, What Adults w/ Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew Stanley Klein ASC Library, Danvers Book
Refrigerator Mothers None None Video 019 Lending Library; (2) Danvers Video Parenting
Regression in Pervasive Developmental Disorders Seizures and Epileptiform Electroencephalogram Correlates Tuchman, Roberto, MD; Rapin, Isabelle, MD Pediatrics, Vol. 99, No. 4; (04/1997) SYN 49 Article Syndromes, Epilepsy, Landau-Kleffner
Regular Class Integration Beyond Socialization York, J., Vandercook, T., Caughey, E. & Heise-Neff, C. Dec-88 IN 32 Article Classroom, Education, Inclusion
Related Services for School-Aged Children With Disabilities NICHCY National Information Center for Children & Youth With Disabilities 1991 ED 25 Article Special Education, IDEA
Relationship Development Intervention with Children Adolescents and Adults Gutstein, Steven E.; Sheeley, Rachelle K. Jessica Kingsley Publishers; (2003) Lending Library; Danvers Book Asperger Syndrome, Social, PDD, Emotional
Relationship Development Intervention with young children Gutsein, Steven Jessicsa Kingsley Publishers Curriculum None
RELAXATION Joseph R. Cutela Research Press Company General Autism None ASC Library
Relaxation A Comprehensive Manual For Adults, Children, and Children With S Cautela, Joseph; Groden, June Research Press; 1978 ISBN: 0-87822-186-7 Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Curriculum, Assessment, Relaxation
Relaxation Procedures for Teaching Young Children or Children with Special Cautela, J. R.; Groden, J. Relaxation: A Comprehensive Manual for Adults, Children, and Children with Special Needs, Champaign, IL Research Press BHM 14 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Relaxation
Remediation Training Improves Reading Ability of Dyslexic Children Trei, Lisa (02/26/03) Resource Drawer - Assistive Technology Folder Information Sheet Dyslexia, Reading, Assistive Technology
Replays, Using Play to Enhance Emotional and Behavioral Development for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Levine, Karen Jessica Kingsley ASC Library Book Behavior Management, Emotional Regulation
Replicating Lovaas' Treatment and Findings Preliminary Results Sallows, Glen O.; Graupner, Tamlynn D. Online Autism99 Conference Presentation BHM 48 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Lovaas
Report of the National Reading Panel Teaching Children to Read Report of the Subgroups None National Reading Panel; (12/2000) Reference - Misc RefMat Research, Reading
Report of the National Reading Panel Teaching Children to Read Summary Report None National Reading Panel; (12/2000) Reference - Misc RefMat Reading, Resources
Rescuing My Daughter Maurice, Catherine McCall's (1993) PA 03 Article Personal Account
Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children's Mental Health Portland State University None None Resource Drawer - National Resources Folder - Miscellaneous Information Sheet Research, Family Support, Mental Health
Research Findings Fail To Support Early Claims By Advocates of FC Trace, Robert ADVANCE March 1994 FC 41 Article Facilitated Communication
Research on Children and Adolescents With Mental Behavioral and Developmenta None U. S. Department of Health & Human Services; (1988) Reference-Misc RefMat Research, Developmental Disabilities
Resource Guide for Parents Nutritional and Medical Approaches to the Treatment of Autism McDonnell, Maureen H. Convention Management Services TRT 40 Article Treatment, Diet, Nutrition
Resource Partnership None None Resource Drawer - Vocational Programs Folder Information Packet Resources, Employment, Vocational Training
Resources for Families and People Who Work With Families None Beach Center on Families and Disability (1996) Reference-Misc RefMat Parenting
Respectful School How Educators and Students Can Conquer Hate and Harassment Wessler, Stephen L. ASCD Publishers; (2003) Lending Library; Danvers Book Classroom, Education, School, Bullying
Respite and Crisis Care Program None ARCH; (November 2000) Kit 005; Lending Library Kit Services, Respite
Respite Care Support for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Their Salisbury, Christine L., ed. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Corp. PAR 40 Article Family Support, Respite
Respite Inn None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources Folder - Respite Facilities Miscellaneous Brochure Respite
Restaurant Cards None Attainment Companh Lending Library; Danvers (2 Sets) Game Communication, Language, Speech, Play Therapy, Play
Rethinking Pull Out Services in Early Intervention A Professional Resource McWilliam, R.A. Paul H. Brookes; 1996 ISBN: 1-55766-242-8 Lending Library; Danvers Book Education, Early Intervention
Rett Syndrome None None Resource Drawer - Syndromes Folder Brochure Resources, Syndromes
Rett Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions International Rett Syndrome Association International Rett Syndrome Association; (05/23/03) SYN 46 Article Syndromes
Rett Syndrome Progressive, Affects Only Girls None Autism Research Review International SYN 15 Article Syndromes
Rett Syndrome Qualitative And Quantitative Differentiation From Autism Percy, Alan K.; Zoghbi, Huda; Lewis, Kay R. et. al. Journal of Child Neurology Vol. 3 (1988) SYN 14 Article Syndromes
Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry Autism Asperger Syndrome and ADHD Brown, Lisa Blakemore Jessica Kingsley Publishers; (2002) Lending Library; Danvers Book Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Treatment, Early Intervention
Rhythm for life Rhythm-Based Music Therapy in the Early Years Barnstein, B. conference handout CLASS 15 Article Education, Early Intervention, Music
Rhythmic Entrainment None None Resource Drawer - National Resources - Music Therapy Miscellaneous Brochure Communication, Social, Treatment, Intervention, Transition Strategies, Music
Rights & Responsibilities of Parents of Children with disabilities None ERIC ED 49 Article Education, IDEA
Risks and Benefits of Immunizations Robin, Eugene None Resource Drawer - Vaccinations Information Folder - Miscellaneous Article Resources, Vaccines
Risks of Restraints Understanding Restraint Related Positional Asphyxia Crisis Prevention Institute Compassion Publishing; (2002) Resource Drawer - National Resources Folder - Miscellaneous Booklet Information, Resources, Instruction
Risperidone in the Treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disorder Purdon, Scot E., Lit, W., LaBelle, A. & Jones, B.D.W. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 39, September 1994 MED 17 Article Medication, Treatment, PDD
Riverside Community Care None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources - Miscellaneous Brochure Community, Mental Retardation, Mental Health
Riverside Family Support None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources Folder - Respite Facilities Miscellaneous Brochure Respite
RJ Cooper and Associates None RJ Cooper & Assocs.; (2002) Reference-Misc CD-ROM Reference, Assistive Technology
Road to the Code A Phonological Awareness Program for Young Children Blachman, Benita; Ball, Eileen Wynne; Black, Rochella; Tangel, Darlene Paul H. Brookes Publishing; (2000) Reference-Misc Book Education, Language, Reading, Young Children
Robbins Speech Language and Hearing Center at Emerson College None None Resource Drawer - Mass State Resources - Speech and Language Miscellaneous Brochure Communication, Speech Language
Robs Long But Successful Road to Employment Kalina, Nancy Indiana Resource Center for Autism; (04/21/01) VOC 23 Article Working, Supported Employment, Vocation
Role Changes Facilitate Full Inclusion None Integration News, October 1990 IN 21 Article Inclusion
Role of Cerebellar and Pariental Dysfunction in the Social & Cognitive Defici None None Audio 065 Lending Library; 2 Danvers Audio Neurobiological
Role of the School Speech Language Pathologist and the Student with Autism Vicker, Beverly Indiana Resource Center for Autism; (08/20/02( COMM 17 Article Communication, Speech
Roots and Wings A Fascinating Look at the Multidimensional Lives of Teens W Choices, Inc. American Film & Video; 1995 Kit 017; Lending Library Kit Social, Adult, Developmental Disabilities
Russell Is Extra Special A Book About Autism for Children Amenta, Charles A. Magination Press; 1992 ISBN: 0-945354-44-4 Lending Library; Danvers (2) Book Siblings, Family
Ryan A Mothers Story of Her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child Hughes, Susan Hope Press (1990); ISBN: 1-878267-26-4 Lending LIbrary; Danvers Book Hyperactivity, Personal Account, Tourette Syndrome
Safety in the Home Allen, Robin, Ph.D. Autism Society of America; (08/06/03) ADL 22 Article Safety
Safety Related Resources None None Resource Drawer - Safety Products Folder Factsheet Safety, Resources
Safety Skills for Asperger Women, How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life Liane Holliday Willey Book Asperger Syndrome, Social Skills, Safety, Asperger Women
Samantha A Story About Positive Behavioral Support Devault, Gigi; Krug, Cathy; Turnbull, Ann Experimental Education Unit; 1994 Kit 012; Lending Library Kit Behavior
Sample Picture Exchange Communication System Objectives Frost, Lori; Bondy, Andy Pyramid Educational Products, Inc.; (2002) COMM 12 Article Communication, Pictures
Santa's Magic Swackhamer, Kathy Exceptional Parent, November/December 1991 PA 10 Article Parent, Personal Account
Say Good Bye to Allergey Related Autism Nambudripad, Devi Delta Publishing Company; (1999) Lending Library; Danvers Book Treatment, Diet, Nutrition
Schizophrenia In Childhood Research and Training Center on Family Support Research and Training Center on Family Support MH 33 Article Mental Health, Schizophrenia
School Age Child Care Provider's Guide To Attention Deficity Disorder Kuvalanka, Kate GBARC Reference-Misc RefMat Child Care
School Age Children With Special Needs Fink, Dale Borman Exceptional Parent Press (1988); ISBN: 0-930958-05-5 Lending Library; Danvers (3) Book Education, Mainstreaming, Child Care
School Cultures that Support Students Across the Autism Spectrum Cathy Pratt, Ph.D Autism Spectrum Quarterly None Article Classroom, Education, Community, Ed Planning
School Immunization Law None Office for Children Resource Drawer - Vaccination Information Folder - Miscellaneous Factsheet Information, Resources, Vaccines, Immunization
School Inclusion of a High Functioning Student with Autism None None Video 058 Lending Library; (2) Danvers Video Education, Inclusion
School Psychologist Investigates Sensory Integration Therapies Promise Possibility and the Art of Placebo Shaw, Steven R. National Association of School Psychologists; (11/25/02) SI 25 Article Sensory Integration
School to Work Program Curriculum for Youth Pre Employment Workshops None Department of Employment and Training Resource Drawer - Vocational Programs Folder - Miscellaneous Booklet Employment, Vocational Training, Curriculum, Vocation
School-Related Stress and the Special Child Murphy, Linda & DellaCorte, Suzanne Special Parent Special Child Vol. 6, No. 1, January/February 1990 ED 17 Article Social, Classroom, Education
Schools Out Its time to play Murphy, Linda; DellaCorte, Suzanne Special Parent, Special Child Vol. 1 #4 SOC 05 Article Social Skills, Recreation
Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying Brewster, Cori; Railsback, Jennifer Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory; (December 2001) SOC 47 Article Social Skills, Bullying, Curriculum
Screening and Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders Filipek, Pauline; et. Al. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Vol. 29, No. 6; (1999) DIAG 16 Article Assessment
Screening Questions for Every Parent Rosenbloom, Mark Unicorn Children's Foundation; (12/97) DIAG 13 Article Assessment
Scripting Social Communication for Adolescents Mayo, Patty; Waldo, Patti Thinking Publications (1986); ISBN: 0-930599-08-X Lending Library; Danvers Book Communication, Social
Secret Night World of Cats Landalf, Helen Smith and Kraus, Inc.; (1998) Lending Library, Danvers Book Siblings
Secretin Baker, Sidney, MD Internet TRT 24 Article Treatment, Secretin
Secretin None None Resource Drawer - Treatment Folder - Secretin Miscellaneous Article Research, Treatment, Secretin
Secretin A Treatment for Autism Kallen, Ronald Autism-Biomed; (02/99) MED 52 Article Research, Medication
Secretin NBC Dateline 10/07/98 None (10/07/98) Video 015 Lending Library; Danvers Video Treatment, Information, Resources, Sceretin
Seeing Is Believing, Video Self-Modeling For People With Autism And Other Developmental Disabilities Tom Buggey Lending Library, Danvers Book Behavior, Social Skills
Seeing with a Different Eye Asperger's Association of New England Hershey Family Foundation 6 Southside Road Book ASC Library
Seeking an Independent Evaluation - Issues for Parents to Consider Hepner, Paula; Silverstein, Joan Exceptional Parent - Jan/Feb 1988 ED 04 Article Education, Assessment
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