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Victimization and Abuse of Persons with Autism Gammicchia, Carolyn Advocate, Second Edition; (2003) ADL 24 Article ADL, Safety
Views from our Shoes Donald Meyer Woodbine House Approaches/Treatment Booklet ASC Library
Views From Our Shoes Growing Up With A Brother or Sister With Special Needs Meyer, Donald Woodbine House (1997); ISBN: 0-933149-98-0 Lending Library; Danvers Book Siblings, Disabilities, Syndromes
Vigorous aerobic exercise versus general motor training activities: effects Elliott, Reed, Dobbin, Anjanette journal of autism and developmental disorders 24 #5 1994 SI 24 Article Sensory Integration
Visual Orienting Deficits in High Functioning People with Autism Wainwright-Sharp Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders RSCH 51 Article Research, Neurological
Visual Perceptual Dysfunction in Patients with Schizophrenia and Affec tive Flack, F., Kaplan, M.,Bengelsdorf, H. and et al. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 4(4), 1992 SI 17 Article Sensory Integration
Visual Perceptual Dysfunction in Patients with Schizophrenic and Affec tive Flach, F., Kaplan, M., Bengelsdorf, H., Orlowski, B., Friedenthal, S., Weisbard, J. & Carmody, D. Journal of Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 4, No. 4, Fall 1992 LD 33 Article Research, Learning Disabilities
Visual Perceptual Rehabilitation in Psychiatric Patients Flach, F. & Kaplan, M. Directions in Psychiatry RSCH 32 Article Research, Mental Health
Visual Resources for Enhancing Communication for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Disabilities Vicker, Beverly Indiana Resource Center for Autism; ( 04/21/01) COMM 27 Article Communication
Visual Schedules and Choice Boards Avoid Misinterpretation of Their Primary Function Vicker, Beverly None COMM 35 Article Communication
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication Hodgdon, Linda A. Quirk Roberts; 1995 ISBN: 0-9616786-1-5 Lending Library; (3) Danvers Book Behavior, Communication, Education, Language, Speech, Auditory, Learning
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication Hodgdon, Linda Autism Society of America 1997 COMM 58 Article Communication, Pictures, Symbols
Visual Supports in the Classroom None Autism Asperger Publishing; (No Year) Video 108 Lending Library; Danvers Video Classroom, Education
Vitamist None None Resource Drawer - Treatment Folder - Miscellaneous Brochure Treatment, Allergies, Vitamins, Yeast
Vivir con un Nino Autistico Brauner, Alfred; Brauner, Francoise Ediciones Paidos; (1995) Lending Library; Danvers Book Spanish
Vocational education for students with special needs in integrated set ting Brown et al journal of the association for persons with severe handicaps VOC 09 Article Education, Vocation
Vocational Educational Services for Students with Disabilities Mittnacht, Marcia Massachusetts Dept. of Education; (06/06/02) ED 02 Article Legal Rights, Education, Transition, Vocational Training
Vocational Evaluation Checklist for an individual with autism Indiana Resource Center for Autism Institute for the study of DD VOC 12 Article Vocational
Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program Mass Rehab Commission MRC; (02/98) Resource Drawer - Vocational Programs - Miscellaneous Folder Factsheet Resources, Employment, Vocational Training
Vocational Training and Empoloyment; Guidelines for Parents Moon, M. Sherrill; Beale, Andrew None VOC 07 Article Transition, Employment, Vocational Training, Inclusion, IEP
VRRI Resource Centre None None Resource Drawer - Vocational Programs Folder - Miscellaneous Factsheet Research, Vocational Training, Rehabilitation, Vocation
Walker Social Skills Curriculum The ACCEPTS Program Walker, Hill; McConnell, Scott; Holmes, Deborah None Reference-Curriculum/Assessment RefMat Social Skills, Curriculum, Assessment
WATCH, Inc. None None Resource Drawer - Housing Folder - Miscellaneous Brochure Housing
Way I Feel Cain, Janan Parenting Press, Inc.; (2000) Lending Library; Danvers Book Communication, Emotional
Weather Reports from the Autism Front, A Father's Memoir of His Autistic Son Wilson, James Lending Library, Danvers Book Parenting, Personal Account, Autism
Weeding out non-desirable verbal behaviors from the communication garden Twachtman, Jennifer the morning news spring 1996 COMM 43 Article Communication
Welcome to Early Intervention in Massachusetts None None Resource Drawer - EI Folder - Massachusetts Guide Folder List Early Intervention
Welcome to Holland Kingsley, Emily Perl None PA 15 Article Parent, Personal Account
What About Me Indiana Resource Center for Autism Indiana Resource Center for Autism Video 009 Lending Library; Danvers Video Siblings
What About Me Growing Up With A Developmentally Disabled Sibling Siegel, Bryna; Silverstein, Stuart Plenum Press; 1994 ISBN: 0-306-44650-2 Lending Library; Danvers Book Siblings, Developmental Disabilities
What are Specific Learning Disabilities? Silver, Larry B., M.D. Adapted from 'The Misunderstood Child', Topics in Learning Disabilitie s, 1987 LD 23 Article Communication, Learning Disabilities
What Does Fair Housing Mean to People with Disabilities None None Resource Drawer - Housing Folder - Fair Housing Guidelines Booklet Housing
What Every Educator Should Know About Landau-Kleffner Syndrome Chapman, Tammy; Stormont, Melissa; McCathren, Rebecca Focus on Autism, Vol. 13, No. 1 (1198) SYN 44 Article Syndromes
What Every Educator Should Know About Landau-Kleffner Syndrome Chapman, Tammy; Stormont, Melissa; McCathren, Rebecca Focus on Autism Vol. 13, No. 1 (1998) SYN 30 Article Syndromes
What is a Functional Assessment None PACER Center; (03/29/99) BHM 59 Article Behavior Management, Assessment, Functional Assessment
What Is Autism Hobson, R. Peter, MA, PhD. Pervasive Developmental Disorders DIAG 06 Article Definitions
What is Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia? and Choosing the R ight American Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc. Let's Talk Newsletter, Consumer Information Division, American Speech- Language-Hearing Association COMM 03 Article Communication
What is Dyslexia? None The Orton Dyslexia Society LD 21 Article Dyslexia, Reading, Learning Disabilities
What Is Fragile X Syndrome And Why Is It Important? None National Fragile X Advocate SYN 19 Article Syndromes, Fragile X Syndrome
What is Music Therapy Internet None TRT 31 Article Treatment, Music, Therapy
What Is Rett Syndrome None International Rett Syndrome Association SYN 13 Article Syndromes
What is Sensory Integration? None Occupational Therapy Associates SI 05 Article Sensory Integration
What is the Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS Vicker, Beverly Indiana Resource Center for Autism COMM 10 Article Communication, Speech Language
What is the TEACCH Approach Mesibov, Gary Autism Society of North Carolina, Col. 14, No. 4; (Fall 1998) TRT 21 Article Treatment, Intervention
What Language reveals about the Understanding of MInds in Children with Aut Tager-Flushberg, H. None TOM 09 Article Communication, Social, Language, Pragmatic, Theory-of-Mind
What Makes Educators Effective Facilitators of Inclusion? York, Jennifer; Doyle, Mary Beth; Kronberg, Robin Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota IN 11 Article Classroom, Inclusion
What Makes Integration Work? None Strategies on the Integration of Students with Severe Disabilities Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall, 1989 IN 17 Article Inclusion
What Research Says Understanding Challenging Behavior and Teaching New Skil Beach Center on Families and Disability Beach Center on Families and Disabilities booklet BHM 11 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Classroom, Intervention
What research says:supported employment Beach Center on Families and Disability N/A VOC 18 Article Transition, Supported Employment, Vocational
What to Do Until the Speech-Language Pathologist Comes (from It Takes Two t Manolson, Ayala Hanen Early Language Resource Centre 1986 COMM 01 Article Communication, Speech Language
What to do When Your Child is Being Bullied Minnesota Parent Center PACER Center SOC 46 Article Parenting, Social Skills, Bullying, Friends
What Will Happen if Social Security Reviews Your Child's Eligibility for SSI Bazelon, Judge David Center for Mental Health Law None Resource Drawer - Healthcare Benefits - SSI Miscellaneous Folder Factsheet Behavior, Mental Retardation, Emotional, SSI, Medicaid
What You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child With Autism Jonathan Levy Book Autism
What You Should Know About Private School Placement of Children with Disabilities None Beach Center on Families and Disability; (2000) ED 12 Article Legal Rights, Education, IDEA
What You Should Know About Ritalin Blessing, Solara J'An Chiropractic Pediatrics, Vol. 1, No. 1, April, 1994 MED 14 Article ADD, ADHD, Medication
What's Eating Gilbert Grape None None Video 062 Lending Library; Danvers Video Family, Resources, Personal Account, Reference
Whats Happening To Me Mayle, Peter Carol Publishing Co.; 1975 ISBN: 0-8184-0312-8 Lending Library; Danvers Book Sex Education
Whats Next Preparing the Student With Autism or Other Developmental Disabi Gray, Carol Future Education; 1992 ISBN: None Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Classroom, Community, Employment, Curriculum
When A Parent Is Mentally Retarded Whitman, Barbara; Accardo, Pasquale Paul H. Brookes; 1990 ISBN: 1-55766-028-X Lending Library; Danvers Book Adult, Parent, Mental Retardation
When A Pet Dies Rogers, Fred Putnam & Gorsset Group; (1988) Lending Library; Danvers Book Emotional, Young Children
When Are You Coming Home None National Childrens Education Council; (1994) Lending Library; Danvers Game Communication, Language, Play Therapy, Play
When Autism Strikes Catalano, Robert A. Plenum Press; (1998) Lending Library; Danvers Book Parent Account
When Listening Comes Alive A Guide to Effective Learning and Communication Madaule, Paul Moulin Publishing; 1994 ISBN: 0-9697079-1-6 Lending Library; Danvers Book Communication
When Observing a Classroom None None ED 58 Article Classroom, Education, School
When people with Autism Work Smith, Marcia Belcher, Ronald; Juhrs, Patrick Journal of Vocational Rehab. 1994 4(1) 10-17 VOC 16 Article Employment, Vocational
When Should Amino Acids Be Measured? What can Be Learned from Amino Ac ids? Pangborn, J.B. Bionostics, Inc. NEURO 01 Article Research, Treatment, Neurobiological, Assessment, Neurological
When Slow is Fast Enough Educating the Delayed Preschool Child Goodman, Joan F. Guilford Press; 1992 ISBN: 0-89862-491-6 Lending Library; Danvers Book Education, Early Intervention, Preschool
When Snow Turns to Rain One Family's struggle to Solve the Riddle of Autism Schulze, Craig B. Woodbine House (1993); ISBN: 0-933149-63-8 Lending Library; Danvers Book Parent Account
When The Chips Are Down Lavoie, Richard WETA (1996); Kit 019; Lending Library Kit Behavior, Disabilities
When Vaccines Do harm to Kids Howd, Aimee None Resource Drawer - Vaccination Information Folder - Miscellaneous Article Research, Information, Resources, Vaccines
Where Did I Come From Mayle, Peter Carol Publishing Group; 1977 ISBN: 0-8184-0253-9 Lending Library; Danvers (2) Book Sex Education
Which Way Did She Go? Denise Bockwoldt Disability Solutions/Volume 4, Issue 3 ADL 29 Article ADL, Safety
Who is Qualified to Oversee Intensive Comprehensive Behavioral Programming for Young Children with Autism/PDD Green, Gina, Ph.D. None BHM 58 Article ABA, Behavior Management
Who Should be Referred to O.T. None None SI 01 Article Sensory Integration, Occupational Therapy, Assessment
Whos Throwing Babies in the River Conroy, Charles P. Legacy Publishing Group; (2001) Lending Library; Danvers Book Parenting, Education, Mental Health
Why Won't My Child Pay Attention None None Video 042 Lending Library; Danvers Video ADD
Why write a will and have an Estate Plan May Institute Estate Planning News, Fall 1993 GUARD 13 Article Estate Planning, Guardianship
Will's Power ...MAC Finch, Tracy Disability Solutions, Vol. 2, Issue 6 (March/April 1998) PA 24 Article Personal Account
William Rizzo Community Foundation None None Resource Drawer - Healthcare Benefits Folder Brochure Support, Information
Williams Donna Williams, Donna None Video 039 Lending Library; Danvers Video Personal Account
Winter's Flower A Journey That Led to Rapid Eye Technology Johnson, Ranae Rain Tree Press; (1992) Lending Library; Danvers Book Personal Account
Within-Session Patterns of Self-Injury as Indicators of Behavioral Fun ctio Vollmer, Timothy R.; Iawata, Brian A.; Zarcone, Jennifer A.; et. al. Research in Developmental Disabilities, Vol. 14, pp. 479-492, 1993 BHM 28 Article Behavior, Self-Injurious, Behavior Management, Assessment
Without Reason A Family Copes With Two Generations of Autism Hart, Charles Future Education, Inc. (1989) (1995); ISBN: 0-06-016143-4 Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Personal Account
Words Around Me None Edmark (1997) Reference-Misc CD-ROM Reference
Work Adjustment Fargher, John Ellsworth Community College; (1982) Reference-Misc RefMat Behavior, Social, Social Skills, Community, Intervention, Employment, Reference, Vocation
Work In Progress Including Students With Disabilities In School To Work Ini Unger, Darlene D.; Luecking, R. Focus on Autism Vol. 13, No. 2 (Summer 1998) VOC 20 Article Vocational Training
Work Site Accommodations for People with Cognitive Disabilities None Presidents Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities; (April 1993) VOC 21 Article Employment, Working, Cognitive, Vocation
Working Together For A Brighter Future Unique Apporaches for Educating High Hays, Marilyn F. Future Horizons, Inc. (1996); ISBN: 1-88547727-7 Lending Library; Danvers Book Classroom, Education, Inclusion
Working Together for a Brighter Future: A Unique Approach for Educating Hays, Marilyn F.; Sullivan, Jackie; Foerste, Lesa Autism Society of America Conference July 8, 1994 AS 11 Article Asperger Syndrome, Education, Inclusion, Curriculum
Working Together Workplace Culture, Supported Employment, and Persons With Hagner, David; Dileo, Dale Brookline Books (1993) Lending Library; Danvers Book Employment, Supported Employment
Working with People The Helping Process Brill, Naomi I. Longlin Press (1985); ISBN: 0-582-28460-0 Lending Library; Danvers Book Social, Research, Working
Working with Visually Impaired Young Students Ellen Trief, ED.D. Charles C. Thomas Publisher Approaches/Treatments Booklet ASC Library
Workjobs for Parents Activity Centered Learning in the Home Lorton-Barratta, Mary Addison-Wesley Reference-Misc RefMat Reference
Workjobs For Parents Activity Centered Learning in the Home Baratta-Lorton, Mary Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-04303-3 Reference-Misc RefMat Education
Workplace Independence for Students with Severe Handicaps Hughes, Carolyn; Rusch, Frank; Wood, Connie Teaching Exceptional Children, Fall 1989 VOC 05 Article Transition, Vocational Training, Self-Management
World of the Autistic Child Siegel, Bryna Oxford University Press; 1996 ISBN: Lending Library; (2) Danvers Book Parent Guide, Education, Resources
Wrights Law From Emotions to Advocacy the Special Education Survival Guide, Second Edition Wright, Pam; Wright, Pete Harbor House Law Press; (2002) Lending Library; Danvers Book Parenting, Education, Advocacy, Special Education
Wrightslaw: Special Education Law Peter W.D. Wright & Pamela Darr Wright Harbor House Law Press, Inc. IEP/Advocacy/Curriculum None ASC Library
Yoga for Children with ASD Dion and Stacey Betts ASC Library, Danvers Book
You Are Not Alone Dept. of Health and Human Services Dept. of Health and Human Services (1992) MH 11 Article Mental Health
You Are Not Alone For Parents When They Learn That Their Child Has A Disabi Smith, Patricia McGill NICHCY Vol. 3, No. 1 (1993) PAR 06 Article Parent, Disabilities
You Don't Have To Hear To Cook Pancakes: A Workbook In Understanding People Biklen, Doug; Barnes, Ellen None CLASS 06 Article Classroom, Disabilities, Inclusion, Curriculum
You Your Child and Special Education A Guide to Making the System Work Cutler, B. Paul H. Brookes; 1993 ISBN: 1-55766-115-4 Lending Library; Danvers Book Advocacy, Special Education
You, Your Child, and "Special" Education Barbara Coyne Cutler Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. General Autism Booklet ASC Library
You're Going to Love This Kid Kluth, Paula Paul H. Brooks 2003 Lending Library Book Education, Teaching, Inclusion
Young Adult with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Needs: Guide for S None Higher Education and Adult Training For People with Handicaps LD 15 Article Adult, Parent, Learning Disabilities, Employment, Transition Strategies
Young Adults Guide to Deep Breathing as a Relaxation Technique Vicker, Beverly Indiana Resource Center for Autism BHM 13 Article Behavior, Behavior Management, Relaxation
Young Children's False Belief Reasoning Interpretation Of Messages Is No Ea Robinson, E.J.; Mitchell, P. Developmental Psychology Vo. 30, No. 1 (1994) TOM 03 Article Theory-of-Mind
Your Attitude Just Might be my Biggest Barrier Davis, Kim Indiana Resource Center for Autism; (04/21/01) BHM 60 Article Behavior, Behavior Management
Zebras in the Livingroom the Changing Faces of Autism Accardo, Pasquale; Bostwick, Howard; Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 135, No. 5; (11/99) DIAG 44 Article Treatment
Zero to Three Newsletter October, November 1992 Greenspan, Stanley National Center for Clinical Infant Programs EI 12 Article Early Intervention, Floor Time